Left to right: Tess Gallagher, Jackie Kudler, Kristine Shorey, Mary Pacifico Curtis, Jill Jackson, Judy Bebelaar, Donna Hilbert, and P.C. Moorehead at the début reading, held at the Queen Anne Book Company, Seattle, on Feb. 26, 2014. Missing from this picture: “M”, Natasha Sajé.

More photos of contributors, mostly from readings, are visible; just click on ‘Photos’ under the banner picture to see the menu.

Contributors to The Widows’ Handbook

“Ariel”, OR
Barbara Bald, NH
T.J. Banks, CT
[†Marilyn Bates]
Judy Bebelaar, CA
Marianne Betterly, CA
Roselee Blooston, NY
Susanne Braham, NY
Regina M Brault, VT
Heather Candels, CT
Alison Keeler Carillo, CA
Ann Cefola, NY
Lenore Coberley, WI
Barbara Collignon, WI
Gail Comorat, DE
Charlotte Cox, NH
Mary Pacifico Curtis, CA
Jessica de Koninck, NJ
Patricia Fargnoli, NH
Seren Fargo, WA
Anne Federlein, Illinois
Cary Fellman, WI
Connie Fisher, NC
Maureen Flannery, IL
Tess Gallagher, WA
Cooper Gallegos, AZ/CA
[†Andrea Gereighty, LA]
Sandra M. Gilbert, CA
Gail Gilliland, MA
Patricia L. Goodman, DE
Barbara Greenberg, MA
Florence Grende, MA
[†Susan Carol Hauser]
Jane Hayman, NY
Agnes Herman, CA
Donna Hilbert, CA
Jill Jackson, NJ
Marean Jordan, OR
Rosalind Kaliden, PA
Valerie Kockelman, CA
Jacqueline Kudler, CA
[†Maxine Kumin]
Jacqueline Lapidus, MA
Iris Litt, FL/NY
Bonnie Lovell, TX
“M”, OR
Katharyn H. Machan, NY
Marci Madary, IL
Susan Mahan, MA
Laura Manuelidis, CT
Lucia May, MN
[†Ann McGovern]
Lise Menn, CO
Joan Michelson, UK
P.C. Moorehead, WI
Diana O’Hehir, CA
Mary Oliver, FL
Pat Parnell, NH
Pamela Pearce, NY
Ellen Peckham, NY
Bernice Rendrick, CA
Elizabeth Page Roberts, NY
Ruth Rothstein, MA
Helen Ruggieri, NY
Natasha Sajé, UT
Patricia Savage, NH
Rebecca Schenck, NC
Joanne Seltzer, NY
Kristine Shorey, WA
Christine Silverstein, MA
Ann Sinclair, OR
Aline Soules, CA
Ellen Steinbaum, MA
Carolyn Stephens, ME
Christine Thiele, AZ
Catherine Tidd, CO
Tammi Truax, NH
Carol Tufts, OH
Elizabeth von Transehe, CA
Donna Waidtlow, WA
Phyllis Wax, WI
Florence Weinberger, CA
Patricia Wellingham-Jones, CA
Katherine J. Williams, DC
Nancy Womack, NC
[†Holly Zeeb, MA]
Gilda Zelin, CA
Thelma Zirkelbach, TX

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