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By angel65
As a recent widow with many friends in the same boat, I will recommend this thoughtful, rich and varied collection of contemporary poems and short essays to my friends. Grief therapists would also find it helpful I think. We will all see reflections here of our own or friends’ experiences coping, surviving, and remaking our lives.


Reactions to the reading at the Queen Anne Book Company on February 26th in Seattle:

·        “I was impressed by the quality, accessibility and honesty of the readers.  An amazing event and I’m so glad I got to see it.” Sue Bennett, Seattle

·         “Last night our little bookstore was filled with great perspective and I was amazed and thrilled to be a part of it. : Thank you for all you did and thank you for choosing us to host your event.” Joann Moreno, events coordinator at Queen Anne Book Company, Seattle:

·        “The whole event was amazing. I told the others that the happy thing about what we heard was that they all told stories of such loving marriages.  I learned more about grief than I ever had. The women there were incredible.” Carrie George, Seattle

·        “I so enjoyed the readings last evening and the poems were wonderful.  Such an amazing group of women gathered to share their creativity resulting from a huge loss.” Jo Usher, Seattle

·         “What I am most moved by, and appreciate the most, is your candor, and your insight into what blesses you, and what is just…lost.  I have sat with many people, many families, when someone they love dies.  And I have presided over hundreds of funerals and memorial services.  But, probably because of my role as a pastor, I do not always get to be there when people have had time to grieve and process.  I experience the raw shock when someone dies, and the formal, sotto voce atmosphere of religious services.  But it is rare for me to be a part of that longer unfolding of wisdom.” The Reverend Lee Seese, pastor, Mt Baker Park Presbyterian Church, Seattle

·         Julie Weed, Seattle: “The Widow’s handbook can help to begin understanding what your grandmother, aunt or friend might be feeling.”